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Mergers & Acquisitions

Your partner with international experience from over 100 transactions

M&A as an instrument of corporate development

M&A-projects present every company and project management with major strategic and operational challenges. In addition, such transactions take place alongside day-to-day business and often under competitive and time pressure. The aspects that play a role here are manifold, complex and not only purely economic, technical, fiscal or legal in nature, but also individually influenced and often emotionally charged. The decisive factor for success or failure -not just for the transaction itself- is therefore careful planning, preparation and implementation. VIRETUM CONSULT, with experience from more than 100 transactions, is available as a professional consultant who actively accompanies the entire process – either on the buyer’s or seller’s side.​

Advisory services for M&A​

Acquisition & Sale of Companies and Shareholdings​

Planning, preparation and execution of transactions on the buyer or seller side


Search and approach of suitable companies, support in negotiations and post-merger integration (no legal or tax advice)


Accompaniment of SME entrepreneurs in realizing alternative options

Management Buy-Out

Preparation and implementation of company acquisitions by managers with the support of private equity investors​

​Spin-off; Carve-out​

Planning, preparation and support for the sale of business units​

Adjustments among shareholders​

Resolution of conflicts among shareholders by reallocating company shares to co-shareholders, financial investors or family offices​

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