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Investment advice

Your partner for managing company investments​​

Expert support in all investment phases​​

The know-how in this area is based on more than 20 years of own management activity in private equity and venture capital. Through the strategic and operative monitoring of a large number of investments in a wide variety of industries and sizes, VIRETUM CONSULT is able to provide tailor-made advice and practical support in all phases of investment, with very broad and international experience to the benefit of investors and investees alike.​

Investment advisory services​

Due Diligence

Analysis of investment projects including selection and coordination of all specialists involved (lawyers, auditors, etc.)


Supporting or taking over the monitoring of individual investments and portfolios​

Proxy voting

Investor support or representation at shareholders’ meetings or in supervisory/advisory boards​


Preparation of quarterly and annual Investment Reports​

Review of valuations

Independent review of risk discounts and valuations (according to IPEV guidelines)

Support of Investment Decision

Support in decisions on individual follow-up investments and value adjustments​


Business Reviews and individual restructurings of investments​

Tail-end Fund Services and Liquidation

Liquidation and winding-down of investments, holding companies, special purpose vehicles and remaining portfolios​

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